Motel a Miio opens a store in Frankfurt

Today, a new ceramic store opened in Frankfurt. Motel a Miio has products made in Portugal, in a fair and environmentally friendly manner, and the designs are handpicked and painted.

The store is located in Kaiserstraße 24, and on the first day there was more than 20 persons in the line. That’s how I spotted the store.

Near Römer, there was a store with Portuguese cutlery, called Branco Azul. But the store closed last year, when the family decided to move to Lisbon.

If you are looking for Portuguese food, or cutlery, the grocery store Casa de Portugal is open.

Less cars in Frankfurt starting with Mainkai

Seat steps to the water of the Main, benches under trees, a lot of greenery and a lot of trees, space for bicycles and of course no cars, this is what the idea sketches of the city planners look like. The location on Google Maps.

The SPD project for Mainkai here:

Greens and SPD are moving forward with the project. CDU is against

In The Proto City, Leon writes: “It is for me a clear sign, Frankfurt needs to do more and do things quicker than they have done in the last ten years.” 

And the discussion in Reddit Frankfurt.