Motel a Miio opens a store in Frankfurt

Today, a new ceramic store opened in Frankfurt. Motel a Miio has products made in Portugal, in a fair and environmentally friendly manner, and the designs are handpicked and painted.

The store is located in Kaiserstraße 24, and on the first day there was more than 20 persons in the line. That’s how I spotted the store.

Near Römer, there was a store with Portuguese cutlery, called Branco Azul. But the store closed last year, when the family decided to move to Lisbon.

If you are looking for Portuguese food, or cutlery, the grocery store Casa de Portugal is open.

Bike Citizens includes Frankfurt in the app and partners with the city to help on planning

Frankfurt is now available on the navigation app Bike Citizens, Frankfurt city this week announced.

The app Bike Citizens is available for Android and iOS. The app is free of charge.

Frankfurt city and Bike Citizens have a cooperation where the usage of the anonymous recording of bike usage, will enable the city to do a a better planning.

 “In our city of short distances, cycling is becoming more popular every year. Now we want to create the bicycle city of Frankfurt. We want to have the best possible planning basis for this. It helps us to know even more precisely the paths that the Frankfurters actually travel by bike. The use of the app can thus make a valuable contribution to making cycling planning in Frankfurt particularly citizen-friendly and needs-oriented. That’s why the city supports the ‘bikecitizens’ app and wants to encourage the cycling population to make use of this smart service,” said Klaus Oesterling, Verkehrsdezernent.

I do not have a bike, but I use Call a Bike almost every day. I pay 49 euros and I can use every time I want, for periods of 30 minutes. Will start to use this app and sharing here some insights.

Frankfurt swimming pools to reopen in June

Since March 17, all swimming pools are closed in Frankfurt due to the coronavirus pandemic. People in swimming clubs still are not able to train.

Swimming pools in Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia, Lower Saxony, and Berlin already reopened. Hessen, Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg are the German states opening the swimming pools later, probably next month.

The reopening of the swimming pools in North Rhine-Westphalia

The mayor of Frankfurt pledged for the reopening with special opening hours in selected pools for vulnerable groups such as seniors.

Hessen’s Minister-President of Hesse said that the swimming pools should reopen in June. That is also the information on the website for the Swimming Pools in Frankfurt.

Image on the website Frankfurter Bäder

There are two options to go to a Swimming Pool in Frankfurt. One is to use the public swimming pools, and the two is to use the swimming pools from the gym Fitness First.

Urban Sports has also integrated the Frankfurt swimming pools in their plan.

Unfortunately, Frankfurt doesn’t have any swimming pool with 50 meters open throughout the year. The nearby swimming pool with 50 meters is located in Langen.

Food delivery and the search for profit

Uber and DoorDash are on talks for a merger for about one year.. DoorDash had a private valuation of $12.6bn last year, while Uber has this year a public valuation of around $50 billion.

Ranjan Roy, founder of The Edge Group, yesterday published a post on the newsletter margins about Doordash and Pizza Arbitrage.

The article shows how data science can be inefficient, if not done right. Ranjan says Doordash is scrapping menus from restaurants and somehow Doordash took the price for a plain cheese pizza and applied it to a ‘specialty’ pizza with a bunch of toppings. Result: A pizza that the restaurant charged $24 for was now listed in Doordash as $16. So the restaurant was doing a clean $8 profit per pizza.

The article also shows how Doordash has a good marketing team, as restauranteurs were complaining about their Google listings being “hijacked” by Doordash. Danny Sullivan, working at Google, replied in the article saying that Google has removed any order links from Google business profiles if a business reports there’s no authorized relationship.

But the main point of the article is the lack of profit in the industry of food delivery.

Museum of World Cultures to have a branch in Hochhaus am Neuen Mainzer Straße

Frankfurt city announced that the Museum of World Cultures will have a branch in the new skyscraper Hochhaus am Neuen Mainzer Straße.

The new skyscraper will have 52 upper floors and four to five basements for parking. The first 2 floors will be for commerce.

The collection of the Frankfurt Weltkulturen Museum (Museum of World Cultures) has 65,000 objects, 100,000 ethnographic photographs and films, and library holdings of 50,000 international books and journals.

Discussion in Reddit.

Restaurants and hotels are reopening in Frankfurt

Since yesterday, restaurants and hotels are reopening in Frankfurt, after weeks of lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Hessenschau says the rules are:

  • Restaurants must write down the name and address of the guests.
  • Only one guest may be inside, per each five square metres.
  • In total, only people from two households are allowed to sit at the table.

More rules here.

The Hotel Excelsior is renting the hotel rooms in a rental classifieds website, i guess due to the lack of tourists.

Protest against corona measures

This afternoon, a protest against corona measures happened in Alter Oper:

But at the same time another protest got into it.

Today, thousands of people in Germany took part in the protests against the coronavirus measures.