Hi! I’m Daniel Rijo and Frankfurter is my blog.

I live in Bahnhofsviertel, and like half of the people that live in Frankfurt, I’m a Frankfurter by choice.

I didn’t born in Frankfurt. Originally I’m from Lisbon, Portugal, I live in Frankfurt since 2015. Before I lived in Berlin, Porto, and Lisbon. And I’m here to stay.

I work in Digital Marketing, and I’m passioned by programmatic advertising, SEO, marketing, economy, markets, data, startups, content production, and digital.

I write in Frankfurter and on PPC Land. I spend a lot of time closing circles on Duolingo, learning German, and closing circles on my Apple Watch, walking around Frankfurt.

I drink Wine and i read a lot in Inoreader. If you would like, follow me on Flipboard.

Feel free to contact me daniel@ppc.land