Renting cargo bikes in Frankfurt (for free)

Since 2018, there is a service that allows Frankfurters to rent cargo bikes for free. Unfortunately the website doesn’t have a version in English.

Anyone can borrow a bike for 2 days (Sundays do not count), and 2 times per month. There aren’t any costs for renting a cargo bike.

Here how does it work:

  1. First you need to register.
  2. Then you need to book the bike/location on the website.
  3. On the rental day, you need to bring the ID and the code word to pick the bike in the location.

Currently, Main Lastenrad has 9 bikes available in Frankfurt, 3 of them in Alnatura stores.

Cargo Bike from Alnatura

The service was created by VCD Hessen, a NGO about transportation and environment, headquartered in Kassel.

If you have some boxes to move from one flat to another in Frankfurt, maybe this is the best solution?