The 5 outdoor swimming pools reopening in Frankfurt during the coronavirus pandemic

Frankfurt city will open the public swimming pools next Monday, 15th of June. The tickets need to be bought online, using a credit card, ec-card or paypal.

The tickets can be bought in slots. The time slots and price available are:

  • 9/10-14h 5 Euros
  • 15-20h 5 Euros
  • 18-20h 3.5 Euros

The 5 outdoor swimming pools that will reopen

Frankfurt decided to open 5 outdoor swimming pools: Freibad Hausen, Freibad Silobad, Freibad Stadionbad, Freibad Brentanobad, and Freibad Eschersheim.

I recommend Freibad Brentanobad due to the size of the pool and the grass. There is a ubahn station nearby – Fischstein U7 – and also multiple call a bike stations.

Brentanobad is the largest outdoor pool in Frankfurt. I never tried the Freibad Stadionbad, but will try this year.

What about the lakes?

Frankfurt Expat wrote about the best places to swim outdoors in Frankfurt. He mentioned Langener Waldsee, one of my favorites too. A lake nearby the airport, and nearby the s-bahn station Walldorf(Hess) S7.

Langener Waldsee is quite unique in Germany replicating a beach with sand. This lake, in the city of Langen, should reopen around June, 22.