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Julia Child

Renting cargo bikes in Frankfurt (for free)

Since 2018, there is a service that allows Frankfurters to rent cargo bikes for free. Unfortunately the website doesn’t have a version in English.

Anyone can borrow a bike for 2 days (Sundays do not count), and 2 times per month. There aren’t any costs for renting a cargo bike.

Here how does it work:

  1. First you need to register.
  2. Then you need to book the bike/location on the website.
  3. On the rental day, you need to bring the ID and the code word to pick the bike in the location.

Currently, Main Lastenrad has 9 bikes available in Frankfurt, 3 of them in Alnatura stores.

Cargo Bike from Alnatura

The service was created by VCD Hessen, a NGO about transportation and environment, headquartered in Kassel.

If you have some boxes to move from one flat to another in Frankfurt, maybe this is the best solution?

Trade Wars Are Class Wars: How Rising Inequality Distorts the Global Economy and Threatens International Peace

I’m currently listening the audiobook Trade Wars Are Class Wars: How Rising Inequality Distorts the Global Economy and Threatens International Peace. The book was written by Matthew C Klein, and Michael Pettis.

The book was published last month (May, 19) and it is an interesting reading to comprehend the recent trade wars between the United States, Europe and China.The book Trade Wars Are Class Wars is a mix of history, policy, politics, economics, and finance. I felt I learn a lot about the history of international trade and finance.

I discovered the book on Financial Times: What are the best books on economics of 2020?


Frankfurt is crossed by the river Main. The river is mainly used for shipping and you can see really big boats transporting materials. The river is also used for leisure and sports.

This picture is from yesterday, nearby ECB.

How do I rent a bike in Germany?

If you decide to not own a bike in Germany, there are several options to go to work or visit Frankfurt by bicycle:

Call a Bike

I recommend Call a Bike where the daily rate is 9 euros. If you live in Frankfurt you can pay 49 euros per year to have unlimited use (periods of 30 minutes).


If you need a permanent bike, and you can’t deliver the bike in stations, I would recommend Swapfiets. It costs €16.50 per month and you get one bike for you. There are other options more premium that include an e-bike.


nextbike is a service similar to Call a Bike. Also costs 9 euros per day if you are visiting Frankfurt, but the price is more expensive if you plan to use every time: it costs 10 euros per month.

Bicycles are perfect to visit a city. You can basically park almost everywhere with the daily plans. Is a transportation without pollution and people end up doing exercise.

Bike Citizens app has some curated tours by bicycle that you can do while visiting Frankfurt.

You can also find cargo bikes here.

The 5 outdoor swimming pools reopening in Frankfurt during the coronavirus pandemic

Frankfurt city will open the public swimming pools next Monday, 15th of June. The tickets need to be bought online, using a credit card, ec-card or paypal.

The tickets can be bought in slots. The time slots and price available are:

  • 9/10-14h 5 Euros
  • 15-20h 5 Euros
  • 18-20h 3.5 Euros

The 5 outdoor swimming pools that will reopen

Frankfurt decided to open 5 outdoor swimming pools: Freibad Hausen, Freibad Silobad, Freibad Stadionbad, Freibad Brentanobad, and Freibad Eschersheim.

I recommend Freibad Brentanobad due to the size of the pool and the grass. There is a ubahn station nearby – Fischstein U7 – and also multiple call a bike stations.

Brentanobad is the largest outdoor pool in Frankfurt. I never tried the Freibad Stadionbad, but will try this year.

What about the lakes?

Frankfurt Expat wrote about the best places to swim outdoors in Frankfurt. He mentioned Langener Waldsee, one of my favorites too. A lake nearby the airport, and nearby the s-bahn station Walldorf(Hess) S7.

Langener Waldsee is quite unique in Germany replicating a beach with sand. This lake, in the city of Langen, should reopen around June, 22.

Why I do not own a bicycle in Germany

When I move from Portugal to Germany, around 5 years ago, one of the first things I did was to buy a bicycle. Berlin is a fantastic city to ride a bicycle, and I bought one online for less than 300 euros.

My first bicycle in Germany

The bicycle had lights, and most important, a protection for the rain. Soon I discovered that this feature was very important for the winter.

In Berlin I found a place to do the normal maintenance of my bicycle for less than 20 euros.

When I move to Frankfurt the nightmare began… I had to replace a tire from the bicycle, and every store I tried, they were not willing to do the maintenance or change the tire. Instead, almost all stores tried to sell me a new bicycle, normally for a price around 2000 euros.

What did I do? I just left the bicycle in one place without a tire. The bicycle was locked, but as expected, the city took the bicycle to free up the space. It took one week

I now rent a bicycle instead

I do not own anymore a bicycle, however I use one everyday to go to work, or for the daily travels in Frankfurt. Since 2016, I’m a client of the bike-sharing Call a Bike, a bike renting service from Deutsche Bahn.

Call a Bike Map

Heads Up: Call a Bike support speaks english!

Today Call a Bike said that demand for bicycles in Frankfurt and Offenbach has increased significantly in both cities, so the core area of Frankfurt was increased to the west and east, so that it merges with Offenbach. In the announcement, Call a Bike said that the offering will increase by 700 new-generation bikes, and there will be more than 30 new stations.

How does Call a Bike work?

Call a Bike has 4 subscription models, however if you live in Frankfurt, I recommend only the Komfort. You pay 49 euros per year, and you can rent a bicycle every 30 minutes for free. You just need to leave the bike in one station.

If you leave the bike outside a station it costs 1 euro extra.

Call a Bike stations

Call a Bike stations are everywhere in Frankfurt, and normally look like this:

Call a Bike station in Frankfurt

In my case, I pay 78 euros per year and I can rent 2 bikes at the same time. This is good option if you live with your partner. Both can use the same account and save 20 euros on this subscription.

This option is not advertised by Call a Bike, but is available on the price list:

Under the Comfort tariff an additional partner bike can be
added to the booking which costs € 29 for the one-year
pass or € 7 where charging is monthly.

Call a Bike Price List

So because Call a bike exists, that’s the main reason I don’t own a bike. I can rent a bike that received maintenance, and I don’t have to worry myself with that.

What I don’t like in Call a Bike

I like their support, specially that they speak in English. That’s extraordinary in Germany. However I feel sometimes Call a Bike support needs to be more customer friendly. Having a process of giving the benefit of the doubt to subscribers will increase a lot the customer satisfaction. You can see on the app reviews that there are a lot of complains.

There are sometimes technical problems:

  • The passwords do not work (this happened to me like 4 or 5 times in 4 years)
  • The bicycle is locked but it shows up as it was not locked (this happened to me 2 times in 4 years)

I like that I can pay with credit card, but I don’t like that Call a Bike doesn’t send any email when the card is expired. The service just stop working when your subscription is over. No email is sent as an alert.

Apart from this, I give a rating of 4 stars to Call a Bike:

Rating: 4 out of 5.

What I would like to have from Call a Bike

  • Better bikes in Frankfurt. I think the Call a Bike bicycles in Berlin are better bikes than in Frankfurt. Bikes in Frankfurt are not so comfortable.
  • That the app Call a Bike had a direct integration with the app Bike Citizens.
  • The support was faster to reply to emails/complains.
  • To be able to see the number of operational/available bikes in Frankfurt, so that everyone could evaluate the quality of service. I have the feeling that some days, the bicycles available are limited.
  • That one third of the bikes have a basket for shopping.